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- more links and/or information will probably be added here as things fall into place

BTW - I took this photo of the Edmonton river valley while on a Fall bike ride. It is looking West towards the city center from within the valley park system. In this case it is from the bike/walking trail on the North side of the river, somewhere around "Gretzky Drive".
- this link is a small gallery showing a few of my one-off pottery pieces
- if you are a pottery maker, you might enjoy wasting a little time here.

- this link has a DIY artist statement generator, a potter's puzzle plus numerous art based quotes

...and be sure to see the "perfect pot" while you're at it.
- this link is to a graphic design I did of a future car kiln (ahem)
...okay, so it's not a real car's one of my 3D illustrations. This one is a vehicle of sorts but it is based on my real sprung arch downdraft kiln.
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